Everbrite's Sustainability Initiatives

Everbrite operates multiple manufacturing facilities in the United States and abroad. Our sustainability initiatives are a major focus for all locations. Please see the list below of our top green activities that are either recently completed or underway.

Zero Landfill Production

Everbrite makes every possible effort to recycle materials and by-products as well as create new products that will not harm the environment. Here are just some of the many materials and methods in which we recycle:

  • All cardboard, steel and aluminum scrap, plastic from sign faces as well as plastic sheeting, glass scrap from the processing of neon tubes
  • Newsprint and paper
  • Paint waste
  • Any and all wood materials go to making mulch, chips or other wood products
  • In cases where it is possible, we use biodegradable airbags which is a 66% reduction in landfill waste
  • All computers and parts

Energy Savings

At Everbrite, we'll try just about anything to save on energy. Great energy saving ideas are good for us, and good for our customers. The less energy we spend, the less we harm the environment, and the more we save money.

  • Lighting and thermostats are programmed to adjust for times of low to no usage company-wide
  • Lighting has been changed to high output fluorescent fixtures which use 1/3 the power of the HID fixtures
  • Machinery throughout the company is constantly reviewed and improved upon wherever possible, in order to function more efficiently and require less energy
  • Employees across the board are required to participate in the shutting down of machines and computers at the end of each workday
  • Researching and developing Solar lighting systems to reduce plant energy costs

Saving the Environment

Some may call it a lofty goal, but great things are seldom accomplished by naysayers. At Everbrite, we take the "Can-do" approach. It doesn't happen overnight, but with each step we take, and by taking a sincere, collected team interest, we can save the environment a little bit more every day.

  • Systems are used to reduce and eliminate storm water runoff into state waters and eliminate the need for water sampling tests.
  • We seek to use products that do not harm the environment whenever possible, and are constantly working to decrease usage or altogether eliminate chemicals that are harmful.
  • Solutions such as new powder coating paint systems and state of the art ventilation systems have been implemented to reduce chemical emissions
  • We use all "green" cleaning supplies
  • Better air filtration systems make our factories cleaner as well as the outside air, and our filters are biodegradable
  • Employees are fully aware of how keenly focused we are as a company on being environmentally conscious. Evidence of this can be seen throughout our offices and facilities, down to the "no waste" policy in the lunchroom
  • Employees are asked to use their own coffee mugs and we do not offer Styrofoam of any sort, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc.
  • We're moving toward touchless sensor paper toweling and soap in all of our bathrooms to reduce paper waste and soap waste as well as ways to reduce water consumption

New Product Design

Just another way in which we're able to make a difference, new products are designed with friendlier, greener materials, and save more energy.

  • All new outdoor and indoor lighting products are designed to utilize energy efficient electrical components (i.e. ballasts, drivers etc.).
  • All existing products are being redesigned to utilize energy efficient electrical components.
  • When possible, designing new products utilizing LED lighting systems to eliminate disposal of fluorescent lamps that contain mercury. LED lighting systems also greatly reduce Energy costs.

We've made amazing strides towards a greener world. This is just the beginning.