Everbrite Has Answers to New FDA Menu Regulations

Everbrite Headquarters

Digital and Traditional Menuboards

You are aware by now of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s recently published regulations outlining new rules for the display of calorie data on menu boards.

Many chain restaurants and related food retail establishments are faced with the challenge of updating or refurbishing their present menus, menuboards, and drive-thru displays to ensure that a calorie listing for each food item appears in a “clear and conspicuous” fashion and “adjacent to” the name of standard menu entries. The new regulations take effect in December 2015.

With this challenge comes an opportunity, because managing multiple displays while keeping menu items fresh is a task best handled by one or more of the industry-leading digital solutions by Everbrite.

The digital solution advantage has been clear for some time. In addition to driving Digital Menu Boards, the content management system is a great tool to organize and keep nutrition information accurate and up-to-date.

Everbrite Digital Solutions Mean

  • Quick management of multiple displays
  • Changing daypart templates
  • Effortless updates
  • Easy implementation of specific promotions

The new FDA regulations make transition to a digital signage system more advantageous than ever. The same technology that allows for cost-effective adherence to the new FDA regulations also creates revenue-enhancing promotional opportunities that would be impossible with traditional signage.

So, whether taking advantage of this regulatory change to upgrade to a full digital solution and its enormous possibilities, or opting to update traditional menus and signs, now is the time to contact your partners at Everbrite in order to be ready for the December, 2015 deadline. We’re here to answer your questions and provide the best possible solution for your enterprise.