Miller Genuine Draft 64 Indoor Bottle Glorifier

MillerCoors - MGD 64


In an effort to stimulate the MGD brand, Miller Coors LLC., created a totally new marketing campaign from electronic media to new packaging, including a new bottle design and new brand labels. Everbrite's challenge was to design an eye catching display to announce this repositioning while highlighting the following brand attributes: New clear bottle and black label; "Golden Beer" images that tie into the packaging graphics; Brand's elegance and sophistication. Our solution had to have relatively small “footprint” which is important when trying to gain placement in back bar areas.


Everbrite designed a versatile display that could sit on a flat surface or hang on a wall, allowing it to be easily placed in both on-premise and off-premise locations. To capture consumers' attention we engineered a rotating MGD 64 bottle with no visible connection that "floats" in mid-air. The display tied seamlessly into the MGD 64 brand value statement: "As light as it gets" which touts the fact that the beer only has 64 calories. A large MGD 64 logo on the upper front of the display header and the overall silver finish of the display tied closely to the packaging graphics and further promoted the brand identity.