Redbox Outdoor Kiosk with Canopy



Redbox determined that changing title cards in their kiosks by field representatives was too time consuming. They also found that in high heat environments the plastic titles in the kiosk door would melt, making it almost impossible for representatives to remove. Everbrite was challenged with redesigning the kiosk door, finding a reliable solution for quickly changing out title cards. The solution had to be highly durable, especially in high heat environments.


By employing Six-Sigma Lean manufacturing principles, Everbrite engineered a patent-pending "perfect pocket" door that allowed Redbox representatives to easily and quickly change movie titles. The new door design improved visibility of the title cards and had better alignment. Further, it ensured that the plastic movie title cards no longer melted in the sun. Everbrite improved the design and began manufacturing the new doors within just two months. Doing it all with a cost neutral solution that did not disrupt Redbox's production and had no effect on ongoing fulfillments.

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