Medlux LED GPIs (Graphic Panel Illuminators) with LED Down Lights

University of California, San Diego


The University of California, San Diego's (UCSD) Medical Center was planning to open its new MRI suite and wanted to create a relaxed experience for patients going through the scanning process. UCSD looked for a partner that would provide the expertise, experience and innovativeness to accomplish their objective. UCSD wanted to achieve a brighter looking room while maintaining the strict electrical requirements for MRI rooms.


Everbrite's team worked with UCSD to light up the room. Everbrite manufactured, supplied and installed LED recessed lights that integrated immaculately with the architect's flowing natural wood veneered ceiling. Further, Everbrite manufactured backlit alabaster panels that extended the limits of the walls, opening up the space in a horizontal direction. Patients were transported through a warm and friendly space. Everbrite managed to adhere to the strict electrical requirements. In addition, with LED lights, virtually no down time will be required due to maintenance.


"I believe we have succeeded in creating an environment that helps MRI and CT patients relax and focus on something other than the procedures."

Former Associate Principal at San Diego based Childs Mascara Warner Architects