Miller Park Neon Sign

Sports & Entertainment Venues

What We Do

Everbrite covers everything in the sports and entertainment industry from scoreboards and signage to menu systems and lighting helping promote venues and create a better live experience. Bright lights and signs for stadiums and arenas are a large part of what builds the energy and excitement at events.

Hebl Field Scoreboard


Light up the stadium or arena with All American™ scoreboards from Everbrite. Extreme durability, perfectly detailed customization and high visibility are just some of the traits that make All American™ the scoreboard to beat. To find out more, visit

NFL Neon Indoor Sign

Indoor Signs & Displays

Sports arenas and entertainment venues draw large crowds. Indoor signs and displays are a key element in that draw. Our many sign and display options help create a better experience for attendees, as they build on the brand of the venue and promote teams with elements such as neon signs or energy efficient LED signs and displays. For every indoor visual identity need, Everbrite has a way.

Coca-Cola Menu System

Menu Systems & Drive-Thru Elements

For all types of sporting events and entertainment venues, Everbrite produces everything from LED menu displays to speed up decision making, as well as directional signs to help with traffic flow and crowd control.