McDonalds Outdoor Signage

Architectural Elements

Product Overview

Everbrite designs, manufactures and installs all types of architectural elements to enhance and customize your company's building and to elevate your brand. From awnings to roof elements, from canopies to trellises, we work with you to create the finest architectural details to accentuate your company's style.

KFC Awnings


Awnings are an attractive way to enhance your location and bring in customers. An awning focuses attention on your building, gives it dimension and extends your visual image in places where sign usage could be limited.

KFC Roof Elements

Roof Elements

Add a 3-dimensional version of your logo to a rooftop arch for a dramatic and exciting way to draw attention to your brand. Brilliant signage, logos and architectural lighting can be added to any roof for an eye-catching effect from afar.

Taco Bell Canopies and Trellises

Canopies and Trellises

Canopies make customer experiences more enjoyable and provide an attractive shelter. Trellises are simple branding elements that add flare to your building, command attention and build awareness. Together, they bring comfort and style to your place of business.

Case Study

McDonald's Architectural Elements Case Study