Graphic Panel Illuminators

Outdoor & Indoor Area LED Lighting

Product Overview

Everbrite Lighting's innovative LED luminaire design, state-of-the-art optical engineering and efficient thermal management offer an exceptional LED lighting system. This proprietary engineering delivers maintenance-free lighting, reduced energy consumption and uniform illumination.

McDonald's LED Accent Lighting

LED Accent Lighting

Everbrite's Up/Down LED Accent Lighting is designed to enhance your unique branding elements and the distinctive characteristics of your building's architecture; providing a solution that is innovative, energy efficient and safe. The LED Accent Lighting is also maintenance-free, high-efficient and has adjustable beam angles, which make Everbrite Lighting systems very cost effective.

MRI Safe LED Lighting

MedLux® MRI Safe Recessed LED Lighting

Everbrite Lighting was the first company to develop an LED lighting system, MedLux®, specifically designed for use in MRI rooms. These luminaires meet all MRI safety requirements while also providing light the radiology staff can count on when performing critical patient related tasks. The system is dimmable and is maintenance-free, reducing the risk of service related accidents, which can cause personal injury and costly down time. The MedLux LED Lighting System is designed to last the life of the MRI room and can easily be retrofit into existing MRI rooms.

MedLux LED Graphic Panel Illuminators

MedLux LED Graphic Panel Illuminators

MedLux LED Graphic Panel Illuminators utilize long-life, high-quality LEDs, which provide uniform light distribution - greatly enhancing the illuminated imagery. Everbrite's MRI-safe and non-MRI ceiling and wall backlit systems are designed to emit minimal UV or IR emissions that may alter graphic panels. The specially engineered heat displacement allows for cool operation, preventing premature LED failures. And, fully-assembled light boxes reduce field labor costs

MedLux Murals

MedLux Murals

Everbrite Lighting partners with nationally recognized photographers specializing in high-quality, high-resolution, large-format images, to create exceptionally beautiful LED ceiling and wall backlit systems. Until technologically advanced LED luminaires were available, lighting this artwork was virtually impossible.

MRIs often cause patients anxiety. Backlit graphic panels help patients relax and focus on something other than the tests, which aids in ensuring patients remain motionless until the tests are complete.

West Virgina State Museum Custom LED Illumination

Custom LED Illumination

Everbrite Lighting designs, engineers and manufactures all of our own products, which gives us the ability to create special back lighting systems that meet any image or size requirement.

Custom LED illumination enhances and maintains the integrity of your graphic image or art. All systems are designed around the unique characteristics of each project in order to optimize lighting performance through the elimination of hot spots and shadows caused by off the shelf LED lighting products or traditional light sources like Fluorescent tubes.

Everbrite Lighting has many years of experience in back lighting different materials, for example:

  • High resolution, large format photographic images
  • Specialty plastics
  • Art Glass
  • Printed fabric