Redbox Kiosks


Product Overview

Everbrite handles everything including design, software, deployment and installation of your Kiosk campaign; whether you need just components or an entire turnkey kiosk unit. High volume rollouts call for teams that can be ready when needed. Everbrite's nationwide certified install team ensures and guarantees expert-level on-time installation and delivery.

Redbox Outdoor Kiosks

Outdoor Kiosks

Made for all kinds of weather, Everbrite Outdoor Kiosks are at the top of the industry. Adding a canopy to your Kiosks to protect customers from the elements is one more way to provide a great experience that will keep people returning.

Clifford Indoor Kiosks

Indoor Kiosks

Indoor kiosks offer convenient options and information to customers as well as a way for businesses to provide added value to the overall shopping experience. It's a win/win for both the host and the consumer.

Case Study

Redbox Case Study