LED Signs

Going Green

Product Overview

Everbrite is keenly focused on utilizing and creating "green" products and materials that will not harm, but rather, preserve the world in which we live. Using the latest in research and development, our teams work to set the bar in terms of product efficiency and sustainability. From LED lighting to recyclable materials, we provide safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving ways to make your brand stand apart.

Subway LED Sign Illumination and Site Lighting

LED Sign Illumination and Site Lighting

In a word, "brilliant." Our top-of-the-line LED systems offer better overall performance in regards to life, visibility, safety and durability. The result is a product that brilliantly displays your brand in a way that is cost effective and environmentally friendly, without sacrificing quality.

LED Assembly

LED Outdoor

Used in all kinds of applications from back-lit signage to kiosks, clients everywhere appreciate the safe, energy-efficient and simple-to-maintain and operate beauty of Everbrite's LED outdoor options. It adds up to how we maintain our mission of being a "green" company and our environmentally friendly approach.

LED Inspection

LED Indoor

A greener approach to lighting; Everbrite's LED indoor options ranging from LED-simulated neon signs, to sconce and area/security lighting, present a world of ways to help businesses minimize risk, while maximizing visibility and profitability. Our products are safe, recyclable, long lasting and extremely energy efficient.

LED Retrofits

LED Retrofits

Older signage can be a beautiful representation of your brand, yet its design elements and functionality may no longer be energy efficient. Everbrite will help you "go green" while maintaining the charm and power of a tried and true sign or display. Our expert team will mesh the old with the new, to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to safety, efficiency and lower overhead.

Alternative Energy Sources

Alternative Energy Sources

The time has clearly arrived for alternative and renewable energy sources. As a business of the future, Everbrite looks to the sun and the wind in the development of energy harvesting devices. Our technological improvements have brought us optimum energy capture, storage and load capabilities with what we refer to as "Controllability/Smart Controls." Our LED lighting is a natural companion for solar power. Applications for temporary or remote "off-grid" signage and lighting make maintenance simple and worry free. With each step forward, our products become easier on the environment and easier for customers to use.

Case Study

Subway - Green Initiative  Case Study