LED Retrofit

LED Retrofit & Intelligent Dimming

Product Overview

Our retrofit and dimming systems offer the fastest conversion to LED, as well as large savings on energy, maintenance and labor that we pass on to our customers.

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LED Light Bars - Fluorescent Replacement

Everbrite's retrofit system is the perfect plug-and-play replacement for linear fluorescent lamps in 2 sided pylons, monuments and road signs. These innovative white LED light bars provide fast, easy installation in retrofit applications. Achievable ROI is usually within 24 months depending on application. Available in two light levels to properly match the application, RetroRayz™ is also available in industry standard lengths to 10' foot and offered in a full range of color temperatures.

Before and After Smart Dimming

Intelligent Dimming

Thanks to our unique light sensors, Everbrite's intelligent dimming systems can control lighting levels of signage based on ambient light. In the evening, the power activates automatically, as evening grows darker, brightness is reduced to lower leveles, and at daybreak, lighting is increased to its maximum output in order to optimize visibility. As soon as there is sufficient ambient brightness, the sign is powered down to ensure optimal illumination and energy savings.

  • Increased Visibility On Overcast Days
  • Potential Energy Savings - Up to 40%
  • Reduction of Light Pollution in Accordance with National Directives & Laws
  • Switches On / Off Depending on Ambient Brightness – No Clock Required
  • Increased LED Service Life
Neon to LED Retrofit

Neon To LED Retrofit

Our LED retrofitting from neon offers huge savings on energy, maintenance and labor. Depending on the application, you can achieve up to 85% reduction in energy costs over your existing neon/argon sign. Maintenance is minimized in part by the highly rated hour life* and inherent qualities/features of LEDs today. Huge labor savings can be realized on installer & electrician labor costs by using your existing GTO and conduit.

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